Our mission

We all know that our consumption must become more sustainable in the coming years. So why don't we all change our eating habits? Well, it's not that simple... Most of those who overcome themselves and change their consumption habits often quickly realize that the non-Vegan person in their circle of friends is more often offered a tastier snack or a wider choice of drinks in everyday life. From now on we want this person to think: "That chocolate bar looks great! And it is Vegan? I'll buy it!". It should not be more complicated or more expensive to eat consciously. We want you to look forward to an environmentally conscious, sustainable and healthy snack from the vending machine and hope to bring this kind of nutrition into your everyday life with a GreenLocker vending machine. 


Unlock The   Green 

Every year an area of 13 million hectares of forest is cut down on our planet for the food industry. This has fatal consequences not only for local ecosystems, but also for the farmers who live there. We find it unfair that the people who benefit least from our excessive consumption are the ones who suffer. Now the question is how, with the bar in your hand, can you help these people and offer them a perspective? Quite simply, every item sold from a GreenLocker is a step towards a greener future and helps us to plant trees in deforested areas with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. This creates sustainable jobs for the local people, so the money you put into the GreenLocker directly contributes to planting trees and creating opportunities for people in poverty.

Unlock The Green.

Who are we?

We are two friends: Adrien and Benedikt. The first time we heard about sustainable nutrition, we thought that it's a trend like so many others. Probably we, like many people, did not want to realize that we too have to rethink our consumption to make a difference. Meanwhile, we have of course realized that we too must change our habits in all areas of our lives. However, it was not a sufficient supply in everyday life that caused this turnaround. In, fact, quite the opposite . We became more and more aware of the fact that we unfortunately do not find enough environmentally conscious and healthy products in our everyday life and therefore many people do not have the possibility to question their own consumption and eating habits. We also couldn't stand the fact that most people are aware that their consumption harms other people, but do nothing about it. Since we have always been interested in business and are convinced that we can be a part of the solution to this problem, we founded GreenLocker in the hope of doing good in the world and getting more people like us to think differently.